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August 18, 2019

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The ddmsunderground was founded in 1999 by David Katz of C2 Elements to provide a forum for ddms users to share technical and political issues related to using the ddms software.  As many underground users will tell you it has evolved into much more.  Now it needs to evolve again to continue to provide an open forum without the constraints, spam and annoyances of Yahoo.  The vision of the ddmsunderground is to continue to provide even more.  Here are just some of the possibilities:
  • Our own email list and newsgroup service (to eliminate Yahoo)
  • An easily searchable knowledge database.
  • User File Upload capability (we can all share files).
  • A dealer locator.
In order to do this it's going to take $$$.  If each company that has benefited from the underground over the past 3 years was to contribute $75.00/year along with sponsor donations we would be able to provide all of the above and more.  So contribute to your future today!

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